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My husband and I had previously tried to purchase a home with a different agent, and it was a disaster. Homes with cracked foundations, $10,000 unforeseen closing costs, and illegal home additions. Needless to say, we ended up in apartments for another 2 years. When it came time to buy again, we were nervous, uneasy, and skeptical.

Through a serendipitous turn of events, we found David this time around, and the experience was easy, enjoyable, and flawless. David takes the time to garner a sense of the needs and wants of his clients, and he knows how to find homes that follow suit. He took care of us from day one and was always quick, responsive, and knowledgeable. I was able to fully trust that we were getting the best deal, that everyone on either side of the negotiation was honest and reliable, and that we were purchasing a home to be proud of. I can't emphasize enough my recommendation and appreciation of David. If you're looking for an agent with intimate knowledge of the industry, with honesty and integrity, and with a true passion for homes, David is your guy.

Service provided:
Helped me buy a home

My husband and I second this recommendation! We have worked with David twice since 2003 (bought 2 houses and sold 1)...he is more than wonderful to work with!!

--Tina Lowery

Hello Highland Mommies,

With all of the recent emails about realtors in the area, it seems that we are very lucky to have such great options in northwest Denver.

I wanted to add my highest recommendation for Raven Realty. We have worked with David and Elaine over the past six years to buy and sell two different houses and I can't say enough about the exceptional quality of their service.

David and Elaine have lived in NW Denver for about 20 years, so they really know (and adore) the area. They have exceeded our expectations each time we have worked with them.

And as an added plus for those of us with little ones, David and Elaine are great with kids! Our daughter Isabella just loves them.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my experience with them, too.


Juliet (Isabella, 2)

David has helped me with five real estate transactions in Denver during the past decade. As a seller and a buyer, I think all of the transactions were successful, according to the measures that matter to me. The sales prices and purchase prices were always fair. The properties always met my particular needs. But above all, they worked at my pace.

A friend of mine said I was a “realtor’s nightmare” when I explained how I toured 50 houses before finding the right choice. This took a few months, but David and Elaine showed more than patience during this process. They adapted their strategy as they learned more about my desire, which I must admit was a slowly evolving target. Ultimately, the house was perfect.

David helped me make successful sales in a “buyer’s market,” and they found me houses at reasonable prices during two “seller’s markets.” When I had to move out of the neighborhood, they helped me zero in on a new part of town near my son’s new school. Weary of all this movement, I wanted to settle in for a while. With the help of Raven Realty, I feel at home once again.

--Patric Shea

It’s been my pleasure and privilege to have had Raven Realty sell two homes for me in Northwest Denver . Before I moved here, I'd worked with several realtorsrealtor's, relator's, realties, real tors, real-tors, relaters, Realtor, reallots, reactors, realities, relates, realty's" /> on the Southeast side and was unused to David’s high standards of excellence. From the beginning, all my questions and concerns about selling my home were answered and dealt with in a warm, courteous and professional way. I believe that David and Elaine—and their associate, Chris White—go way “beyond the call of duty.” For an example, David came over early one morning with a can of paint and redid the alley side of my garage. It was just another small touch but they all added up. I recommend Raven Realty without reservation.

--Mary McPhee

To The Ravens

It is my pleasure to offer this testimonial to Raven Realty, and to David and Elaine.The Ravens have represented me and my interests several times, as both seller and buyer. They have offered invaluable real estate advice prior, during and since. I never feel pressured, but always well informed. I never feel neglected, but also never bothered. These are not Realtors who will hassle you with phone calls, but they always return mine. They are like magicians in that so much business gets taken care of “behind the scenes”, so that I am given a complete explanation, a form to sign, often a cup of coffee, and I am on my way. They have helped me with lenders, appraisers and inspectors. With the Ravens, the deal just somehow gets done. Personally, David and Elaine are a pleasure to work with. I call them Low Key Listeners. They hear what I want, and find what is right for me. They are honest, gentle, and truly kind. They have wonderful hearts.

My highest recommendation can be stated in one sentence: The Ravens, David and Elaine, have never disappointed me. They are my Realtors for life.

I would be happy to answer any questions, or provide additional information.


--Bobby Haas


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