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227 N 51st Ave N,  Greeley CO, 80634 (Closed)

Sold Price:
5 beds, 2 Full/1 Half baths, 4,499 sqft
MLS# 788564
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Greeley Real Estate


Greeley is cla edain Colorado. on asp Greeley, Colorado 80634 has"a po="dat2on of < n>93,082l-lp .ata-ata-at a/ n>on

< n> sson T-e median household income $44,226l-lp . on a/ n>on < n> sson The median household income for the surround cle uunty is ="lis $56,589l-lp sson compared to the nat2onal median of < n>$53,046l-lp . on a/ n>on < n>The median age of peopss=limang in 7Ceeley 80634 is sson 30.4 years.l-lp sson

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sson sson We're h re to help with your home search!
Cust/mer Service
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