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Feedback provided by recent clients.

Norman and Anita experienced...

Matt was the best real estate professional I've ever worked with. If I'd had him the first time I bought a house, I would be very unhappy with any of the previous real estate agents I have had. He extremely knowledgeable, patient and really took the time to actually feel out what we would like without ever being forceful. I really appreciate all the time and effort he spent trying to help us find a home. He is also very helpful with all the other details, such as inspector, loan agents and all the other things most people don't even think about when buying a home. If I ever have to move again, he would be my first choice and I would seek him out for help. I also would recommend him to any of my friends and family needing an agent. He does excellent, excellent work and is very organized keeping everything on track and on time. I'm extremely thankful.

Cherie felt that...

Matt is a well spoken, patient and very knowledgeable realtor.  My mother was a realtor / broker in Florida so I have meet many realtors in my life, Matt is a true professional.  I would highly recommend him.

Lynda's experience...

Matthew is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and quick to respond. I had a very pleasant and positive experience working with him. Seller tried to force closure before I had funds in place. Matt facilitated a compromise. He served as my advocate during the building process of my home. 

Elaine thinks...

I must say Matt that I am very impressed with the extra mile you go for your clients. I was a little worried at first, since some friends said they would have picked a realtor that they knew or was recommended to them. But — I guess we picked a good one with you!! Thanks for all the extra things you do.

Nanci and Richard noted...

We wholeheartedly recommend Matt as your next realtor.  As our window of opportunity from sale of our house to purchase of the next was extremely small, we needed an entirely capable and efficient professional.  With his real estate experience, knowledge of the Denver area, and superb technological and communication skills, he proved to have the skill set needed to efficiently navigate us through the process.  Matt is a true professional, simplifying a complex process.  We were thankful to find him!

Jim M wrote...

Dear Matt,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the outstanding service you provided during our
recent search for a mountain home. Our search took many months and we looked at many, many
houses, none of which had all of the features we wanted. In addition, you had to deal with the varied
opinions of our two children's families.

You took us into many new areas in the foothills around Arvada, all the time with a friendly, helpful
attitude and a desire to keep looking even after we had looked at twelve houses in one day. You even
went out looking on your own to save us time when we were able to go with you. And some of the
roads you navigated to get to a house kept us on our toes as we bumped along.

We are very happy with the house you found for us in Pine. We have been at the house many times so
far and are looking forward to using it many more times in the future.
We will make sure that any of our friends looking for a first class real estate agent will be given your

Thank you again for your help.

Joe D shares...

Matt is an amazing real estate agent.  He was extremely attentive, timely, and efficient.  Matt is also extremely knowledgeable about the area and the real estate market.  Being from out of town, we had a very limited time to view condos and without his expertise it wouldn't have worked.  He always had something thoughtful to add about each place to help us with our decision.  Throughout the entire process, from narrowing our search down to focus on what we wanted to the close, Matt was there to help.  We were very satisfied with the condo we chose. 

I would highly recommend Matt if you are looking for a real estate agent.

Karen M feels...

We were out of state parents looking for a home for our daughter while she attends CSM in Golden; a challenge considering we were not able to spend anytime in Golden for the search process.  Matt Peirick became our Realtor and the challenge was not as big.  Matt listened to our needs, priorities, location requests, budget, and began the search for us.  He gave us valuable information on neighborhoods within our search region and outside the area in an effort to educate us on the options within 10 minutes from campus.  Matt walked the properties that interested us, giving us the benefit of his vast knowledge of housing as well as the surrounding area.  He was quick to respond to our every request - which included phone calls, texts and emails from us on a daily basis!  The area market we were searching for housing, availability meant the difference between being the first to get a contract in or being one of the multiple back-up offers; Matt made the difference and we were able to secure a property in less time than anticipated that was within our search criteria.

In short – if you are looking for property in the area, contact Matt Peirick.  He is knowledgeable, personable, an active listener, treats you as if you are his only client, is able to recommend service providers from handymen to house cleaners, and follows through with your every request or question even after the purchase or sale of a property! We will definitely ask Matt to be the Realtor when selling the home we purchased for our daughter!

Debra H comments...

Matt is wonderful to work with.  I would recommend to him to any of my friends or family with confidence.

Matt listened to what I wanted in a home and understood what was most important for me.  He not only gave me his honest opinion of what he thought would be the best value in my price range, but he was upfront and honest about each home (quality of building, things to look out for, etc) we looked at. 

He was professional, timely and responsive from the first appointment right through to the day of closing.

Kelly B believes...

As a new home buyer, there were many things that Matt was able to educate me on regarding home ownership and the process of buying that home.  Specifically, as not only a new, but first time home buyer, Matt was able to guide me and give me multiple references for people to contact regarding mortgage information, inspections and HOA questions on properties.

In a tough buying market, it was very difficult to find a property I liked and even more challenging to navigate the process of getting my offer accepted.  Matt encouraged me to consider looking outside my initial locations, in order to stay within my goal purchase price.  It was his location (even the townhome complex) suggestion,  that I ultimately decided to purchase.

Working with a broker for something as important as buying a home can be very stressful.  Matt’s style and personal connection to my transaction made me feel knowledgeable on all phases during the buying process.

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